Winter Porch Decor

Easy porch decor idea - On a budget!

Your front porch is the first thing people see when they arrive at your house. Decking out your porch with natural elements is a great way to welcome guests into your home.

You can also do this décor on a budget because you may be able to find these things in your own backyard!

Step one: Go scavenging

Step outside and see what you can use from nature. There are so many different types of branches, trees etc. that you can incorporate into your front porch design. Step outside and see what you find!

Step two: Take inventory and gather anything you'd like to use to hold the foliage

Depending on what design you’re going to use, you may have a number of different pots/baskets that you want to fill with shrubbery. Take a look at what you just grabbed from your yard and start dividing it up, this will tell you if you have enough or if you need to run out and get more. Don't forget the soil to hold it all together!

Step three: Start Assembling!

Start putting together your arrangements. We found it easiest to put even numbers of similarly sized branches into each pot to make sure it looked even.

Step Four: Do some trimming

Sometimes branches need to be evened out with a little trim. Step back and look at your arrangement so far, does one side look longer than the other? Are the baskets the same width? Give them a trim to make sure they look uniform.