Valentine's Day Chocolate Martini

By: Mark "Big Red" Forderer
Follow: @bigred_official

Chocolate on Valentine's Day is a must. A chocolate martini on Valentine's Day is a necessity!

Valentine’s Day is coming up very soon! If you are going out with your significant other and you haven’t made reservations yet, hopefully this has reminded you!

If you are anything like me, you’ll be avoiding the overcrowded restaurants and staying at home to make a wonderful meal with your loved one. But the best part of the meal is ALWAYS the dessert, and the sweet after dinner drinks that you can just sit back and sip on.

The Chocolate Martini is another quick and easy cocktail that you can make to impress your date and fulfill that craving for a sweet treat. You don’t need any fancy bar tools or supplies to make this cocktail, so it’s a good and impressive recipe to have for this Valentine’s Day.

You can use whatever brand of Vodka and liqueurs you want, but as usual I tried to stick to more local products (for the vodka).

If you’re interested in learning more information about the products I used you can find it here:

Vodka - The Durham Distillery

Creme de Cacao - McGuinness

Chocolate Cream Liqueur - Laura Secord

What you need:

• Shaker (I used a Martini Shaker, but you can also use a Boston Shaker)

• Hawthorne Strainer (if you're using a Boston Shaker, the Martini Shaker has one built in)

• Fine Mesh Strainer

• Jigger Martini Glass (whatever shape or size you want)

• Vodka (whichever brand you prefer)

• Creme de Cacao

• Chocolate Cream Liqueur (or any cream liqueur)

• Ice Chocolate Bar (or your choice of chocolate)

• Zester


Step One: Get your Shaker and add 1.5oz of vodka.

Step Two: Add 0.5oz of Creme de Cacao to your shaker.

Step Three: Add 0.5oz Chocolate Cream Liqueur to your shaker.

Step Four: Add ice to your shaker and shake for about 10-15 seconds.

Step Five: Get your Martini Glass, and fine mesh strainer (and Hawthorne Strainer if needed) and double strain the cocktail into the glass. You don't need to double strain your drink, but double straining it gets rid of all the ice shards left behind from shaking.

Step Six: This step is optional, but a drink always looks better with a garnish. Get whatever chocolate bar you chose and use the zester to zest chocolate shavings on to the top of the drink.

Step Seven: Serve the drinks to you and your date.