Holiday Espresso Martini

Here's a way to get a little jolt of energy while you're having your holiday cocktail party

By: Mark "Big Red" Forderer, Bartender Extraordinaire

You don't any fancy equipment or bar supplies to make this cocktail, so it is a good recipe to have up your sleeve that you can pull out at a party to impress your guests.

You can also use whatever brand of vodka and espresso that you want, but I decided to showcase some great and local products.

If you're interested in learning more about the products I used you can visit their websites here:

Vodka - The Durham Distillery

Espresso - Pilot Coffee Roasters

The Espresso Martini is super simple, and a very quick cocktail to make that is sure to wow your guests and be a nice after dinner treat for any coffee lover.

What you need:

● Shaker (I used a Martini Shaker, but you can also use a Boston Shaker)

● Hawthorne Strainer (if you're using a Boston Shaker, the Martini Shaker has one built in)

● Fine Mesh Strainer

● Jigger

● Martini Glass (whatever shape or size you want)

● Vodka (whichever brand you prefer)

● Kahlua (or a coffee liqueur)

● Espresso (I used a local Cold Brew Coffee because I don't have an espresso machine)

● Ice

● Coffee Beans (optional)

Step One: Get your Shaker and add 1.5oz of vodka.

Step Two: Add 0.5oz of Kahlua to your shaker.

Step Three: Add 2.5oz of espresso (Cold Brew) to your shaker.

Step Four: Add ice to your shaker.

Step Five: SHAKE! AND SHAKE IT HARD! You need to shake it extra hard and for a little longer than usual so you can get a nice thick foam on top.

Step Six: Get your Martini Glass, and fine mesh strainer (and Hawthorne Strainer if needed) and double strain the cocktail into the glass. You don't need to double strain your drink, but double straining it gets rid of all the ice shards left behind from shaking.

Step Seven: This step is optional, but if you want the drink to look extra pretty you can float some coffee beans on top as a garnish.

Step Eight: Serve your drink to family and friends and enjoy your night!