Faux Wood Tree Stand Cover

Give your Christmas tree a rustic look (on a budget!)

Hide the ugly metal stand on your Christmas tree with this frugal, easy to make faux wood crate.

Love your Christmas tree but hate the metal stand? Have no fear, we have a solution that will cost you basically nothing and give you a beautiful faux crate style stand.

What you need:

● Large cardboard box

● Wood print contact paper

● Knife (to cut the cardboard

● Measuring tape

Start by measuring from the floor to where you want the top of the box to hit your tree base. Once you measure that. cut the cardboard box down to the height and remove both the top and bottom flaps of the box so it basically becomes a square cardboard tube. Cut one seam of the box vertically so you can get it around the metal stand.

Next, take the contact paper and start sticking it to the cardboard, try and do it as slow as possible to avoid bubbles. It also helps to use something with a straight edge to press it to the cardboard.

If you have excess paper hanging over the edges simply flip the cardboard piece upside down and stick the excess to the inside of the cardboard. This will also help ensure that the edges all have smooth lines.

Once you are satisfied with the wrap, place the box around the tree base until the cut edges of the cardboard line up again and it looks like a box around the tree,

There you have it! A simple solution to the eyesore that is the metal base on every fake Christmas tree. This would even work if using a real tree as you can just open the box to water the tree.

Happy holidays!