Chistmas Movie Draw

Get your family in the festive spirit this holiday season!

So many holiday movies, so little time! Leave the choice up to fate with our movie draw idea!

I don’t know about you but we have the hardest time deciding on movies as a family. One day we decided to leave it up to fate and do a movie draw. We’ve been doing it every year since and it has worked great!

To make sure the draw works for everyone come up with a total number of movies you want to watch (i.e if you start December 1st there would be about 24 movies you could choose) and divide it up by the amount of people participating. Everyone gets to write their choices on some pieces of paper and place them in a festive vestibule (a Santa hat, stocking etc) and each night you take turns picking the movie.

Now, we realize there may be duplicates so it’s recommended you add in a few extras just in case!

Here are some holiday movie choices if you’re having problems coming up with some: .