5 Must Reads This Winter

By: Mike Fitzgerald

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These books are non-fiction and conducive to the topic of wildlife, adventure, and the outdoors.

Grab your coziest blanket, start a fire and enjoy hibernation with one of these great reads!

Here we are in the mid section of winter, the time of year where cabin fever can often set in as motivation sets off for greener pastures. For some the answer is getting outside and staying active, but even then, that doesn’t account for the numerous days of terrible weather that can make the most hardened outdoor adventurer cringe with anxiety. Better to stay in, and if you’re going to stay in, no better way to pass the time then with a damn good book to get your thinking of the adventures that await those passionate about warmer weather, nature, and the wild world around us.

I’ve compiled a list of five carefully chosen books that are sure to keep you glued to the pages within them, and pass those cold, windy days of winter that keep us bundled up and cozy. I kept the list Non-fiction and conducive to the topic of wildlife, adventure, and the outdoors.

These books are sure to keep your mind off the weather outside during the hardest part of winter. I recommend a good beer or glass of wine while you dive into the pages of any one of these great reads, and if you enjoy one of the books these fine authors have published, make sure to check out their body of work. All of them have published various incredible books that make for endless hours of adventure within their pages!